Beyond Trekking is a book I've just embarked on; and I hope to finish it when volunteer trekkers have all completed their jobs. This book may bear a tittle like a literary book, but it isn't. It is a normal book with a natural language.
        Recall that there's been a lot of trekking from one part of the country to the other by those who are pleased with Buhari's victory. The first trekker who did it from Lagos to Abuja is a young man by name Suleiman Hashimu. According to Sandra Erhabor, Mr Hashimu's daring move can be a reminder of the Biblical journey of the three wise men, who upon seeing the sign, trekked hundreds of miles to pay homage to the new born King, Jesus Christ (Matt 2:1-2). Heading for Abuja on foot may have seemed uncertain for Hashimu, yet he forged ahead. Like T.S. Eliot's famous poem, 'The Journey of the Magi', this trekker obviously encountered turbulence on the way -  the scorching sun, sore feet, among others. Yet in line with his aim, he walked from 6.00 am to 6:00 pm till he accomplished his mission: the President-elect himself received him.
       Immediately Hashimu achieved his goal, other trekkers followed suit. A man started cycling from Kaduna to Lagos to congratulate Osinbajo, the Vice President-elect, and to thank the Yoruba people for contributing greatly to Buhari's victory. Another guy embarked on a foot journey from Taraba to Abuja to present a peace award to Jonathan. Not more than 48 hours after that, another young man started off from Abuja on foot to Otuoke to appreciate Jonathan's maturity during and after the elections. Why I was reading this in the paper by 8:00 pm, my friend Moses Amade called me to inform me that he was going to trek from Lokoja to Maiduguri and right to Sambisa forest to congratulate the gallant soldiers who had so far rescued over 700 women and children from the dreaded Islamist Boko Haram. I told him that would be great, and  slept off. Early in the morning, I received another call from Akawu Precious who said he was trekking from Calabar to Makurdi to celebrate with the Tiv people for NOT voting the most insensitve, greediest monster Gabriel Suswam in to the House of Senate. I thanked him and said he should let me know why near, so I could welcome him at the food basket roundabout.
        As if all that isn't enough, a group of five married men have vowed to trek from Nigeria to Saudi Arabia to celebrate the victory of the president-elect, General Muhammadu in the March 28 presidential poll. Speaking with newsmen in Bauchi on Sunday, the men, viz. Mohammed Inuwa, 45, Dahiru Aminu, 33, Abdullahi Usseini, 45, Abubakar Danjuma, 45, and Kabiru Saleh , 35, explained that their decision to embark on the foot journey was fueled by the undying love they have for the incoming leader. They disclosed that they have consulted widely with families and friends and have made adequate preparations for the journey which they estimated will take them at least, three months and will see them transverse countries of Chad, Sudan before reaching their destination in Mecca. The men said that they hope to begin their trek on May 30, a day after the swearing-in of the incoming administration and asked Nigerians to pray for them to succeed in their mission.
       Why this trekking continues, I've also continued with my book. There's much to write about this trekking, so much to write indeed that will revolutionize our dear country. There's sense in little things, and though we may consider the wide trekking as the trekkers way of fighting idleness, or as their way of seeking fame and recognition, there's much more to be learnt. So much more!