Working On Your Network Marketing Business, Not In It

In The E-Myth Revisited, author Michael Gerber talks about the concept of working on your business and not in your business. One of the biggest mistakes most entrepreneurs make when they get started in their own business is focusing on the actual tasks of the business as opposed to focusing on the actual operations of the business.
     Network marketing distributors are guilty of this as well.
Most network marketers focus on the wrong areas in their business. They focus on the company products or the company compensation plan. While these areas do have their place and importance, they are nowhere near as important as the most important aspect of network marketing.

Your Network Marketing Business System
The most important aspect of network marketing is your business system. As an independent distributor you have the ability to dictate what your business system is going to be. You decide what your philosophy is going to be and how you are going to build your business. Therefore if you fail to have success in network marketing you have nobody to blame but yourself.
     You cannot blame your upline because you decided to follow their system and it didn't work for you.
Remember you are an independent distributor in your opportunity and as such, you are the one responsible for determining which methods you are going to use to build your network marketing business and how. If you continue to pursue activities that aren't working without questioning what is going on, that's a decision that you made.
      When you work on your business not in your business you focus your efforts on what really matters and that is the system that you are going to use to build your business. The system is what drives everything in network marketing because the distributors you recruit are going to follow whatever system you outline for your organization.

The Four Components of a Good Business System for Network Marketing
So what makes up your system? I will paraphrase what Michael Gerber defines as a good business system and make it applicable for network marketing distributorships. He actually has six areas that make up a good system, but two of the six the distributor has no control over because the parent network marketing company provides the product or service, so they are excluded here. Here are the four guidelines of the good system...
  1. The system should produce a consistent experience for everyone involved.
  2. The system should work for everyone from the sharpest and most experienced distributor to the least sharp and least experienced distributor.
  3. The system should leave nothing to question. Everyone should know what to do.
  4. The system should be documented so that everyone can refer to it as a point of reference.
If you want to have success in network marketing, whatever system you choose to adopt for your business needs to follow these four guidelines.By analyzing your network marketing business and making sure everything you do falls within these four guidelines you stand a greater chance at succeeding. For example, if what you do doesn't work for the least capable distributor in your organization, your organization will never duplicate and grow without your involvement.

Be Business System Dependent Not People Dependent
The biggest benefit that network marketing offers is a walk away business model. This means you can cease your involvement with the business and still enjoy the income benefits that the business provides.
Walk away income will never happen if you don't have a system that works for the least capable distributor.
The key to success in network marketing is to be system dependent and not people dependent. By working on your business and not working in your business you allow yourself and your business to become system dependent. As a result, you are able to duplicate your efforts throughout your organization and your team and income grow accordingly.