Starting a Small Business

Have you been thinking about starting a small business? If the answer is yes, you are not alone! According to a University of Phoenix survey, 63% of adults under 30 in America either now have their own small business or are hoping to have one in the future. Nigerians need to learn from Americans. We need to cultivate a business-minded  mentality. People want to know what the best small business ideas are. And why? 
For one thing, people want more control over their own lives. They want to be the architect of their own destiny, not someone else. They want to be their own boss!
At least in this life, in the here and now, everyone needs to make money. Wherever you are in the world, having your own small business can be an excellent way, maybe the only way, to make money, enough to sufficiently provide for you and your family. 
Have you ever been fired, laid off or for some other reason, or lost your regular job? Having your own small business going part-time, but in readiness for full-time if necessary, can not only provide you and your family additional income, but also can provide security from loss of your regular job.
People also want a more flexible lifestyle, which if done right, opening your own business can give, and especially true if starting a home business.
Millions of people have already found the greater freedom you are looking for. You can find it too!
Are you unemployed, can't find a suitable job, and at the end of your rope? I have great news for you! Starting a small business has never been easier or less expensive. 
There are very profitable small businesses that you can start today for under N150,000, and often, much less than that. For example, you can make money online with not much more than a laptop computer that has an internet connection.
Because of the tremendous increase in online shopping, opening a small business on the web has never been easier or more profitable.
Are you looking to satisfy that creative drive in you? There are more than enough opportunities for you in creating a successful businessAnybody with the desire, drive, and average intelligence, can start a successful small business of their own.
Nearly half of the world's richest people are entrepreneurs, making opening a small business a number one way to get rich, and sometimes very rich. I'm not saying that being rich will necessarily make you happy, but simplystating facts and pointing to the potential of such an abundant and accessible resource. 


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